Maternity Music
Personalised music to calm and relax babies and mothers through pregnancy, birth, and intensive care
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It's all about the music

Maternity Music is a personal music service provided by professional musician Rob Townley.

Music has the power to change the atmosphere, change our environment and subsequently change peoples' lives.

I have been recording music for people in need for many years; people with cancer, in comas, terminally ill, in intensive care, to name a few. Maternity Music was conceived when I felt led to record a piece of music GROWTH for a friend's child who was very underdeveloped in the womb. That piece of music was played by the parents throughout the child's growth, during birth, and in intensive care, ultimately leading to a beautiful, healthy child.

It really is all about the music!

the process

I'm offering to record pieces of music specifically for your child's circumstances, to help facilitate healing, restoration and peace. The process is treated with the upmost care and respect, and therefore takes much time and effort.

A lot of thought goes into your child's particular situation; whether in the womb, in intensive care, in need of healing and restoration, or just needing peace. This process, which I call 'prophetic alignment', means that I can connect with heaven's melodies, frequencies and sounds, tailor-made for their situation. It's an expression of God's heart.

Whatever your circumstances, God has a song for you!


Here are a few samples of music written for people with various needs:


(Introductory offers, for a limited time only)

There are six initial packages available:

Package 1 will give you a piece of music of up to 10 minutes in length, emailed to you as a digital download.

Package 1+ same as Package 1, but sent on a plain audio CD.

Package 2 is up to 20 minutes, sent on a plain audio CD.

Package 2+ same as Package 2, but includes the production of your own branded CD - this means you'll receive printed CDs and wallets with your picture choice and child's name on them (if required).

Package 3 is up to 30-40 minutes of music - a whole album's worth of personal music. Sent on a plain audio CD.

Package 3+ same as Package 3, but includes the production of your own branded CD - this means you'll receive printed CDs and wallets with your picture choice and child's name on them (if required).

If you would like me to use any of your own artwork/photos for the printed CDs and wallets that is also possible - please use the enquiry form for any special requests before ordering.

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Packages 2+ and 3+ include personalised CD artwork!


I recommend that you contact me prior to ordering to discuss your child's needs/musical requirements etc.

This service can also be provided for special occasions - please contact me to discuss your requirements!



We truly belive that without your music our child might not have survived, it made such a difference. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Just watched my newest granddaughter resting in the atmosphere that your music creates for her...


The first bit sounds like a pulsating placenta. I'm sure the music helped her stay in the womb.


My baby reacted instantly to your music, he calmed down and was very peaceful, it really made a difference.


Yes! I heard your song for the first time while watching a video of the baby. It was perfect.


You Rob are receiving a new sound from Heaven...


Very beautiful piece of music, thank for making my musical day.


Rob, just listened to it. It made me cry. X


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